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Vicky and Rose

Today the femanic crew brings you one more sizzling hot update with two very crazy women. The two dirty little sluts in question are named Vicky and Rose and they both share a unbearable desire for being pissed on. Watch as the two lusty beauties put on display their passion for piss in this amazingly hot gallery of them. They don’t want to hold back one bit today and they want to show off every little twisted thing that they like to do. So without further due, let’s all sit back and watch these femanic galleries , and see them enjoying themselves as well.
femanic-vicky-and-rosieAs the scene starts, well actually as al of our scenes start, the sexy pair of women start off their little lesbian fuck fest with some kissing and nice and sensual body caresses to get ready. And they seemed to be getting turned on quite fast as they immediately start to assume their positions. As the good little slut that she is Rose sits herself down first, in order for Vicky to piss all over her, and well that’s because she always wants to be the first to get “wet” sort of speak. Anyway enjoy the update as always guys and expect us to return with more next week! For similar peeing fetish videos and pics, enter the hdwetting site! have fun and see you next time, our beloved friends and followers!

Take a look at this slut taking a piss bath!