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Femanic – Cathy and Manuela

Why hello there everyone, we are femanic and our crew aims to bring you some very awesome scenes in every week with every update. For our debuting scene here we have for you a pair of very horny women getting it on for your enjoyment. The two sexy ladies are named Cathy and Manuela and they both enjoy the company of other women as much as they can. So for today’s update the pair will engage into some hot lesbian sex sessions for your viewing pleasure. Let’s get this show started and see what they’re all about guys.

As the scene starts the two undress only to keep on some of their lingerie outfits on for the extra sensual feeling. Then Cathy takes her spot on the sofa as her friend Manuela kneels down and comes to her side. Manuela takes great care to massage her friend’s hot body making her way down to Cathy’s pussy that’s just waiting for something to please it. Watch as Cathy licks Manuela’s pussy at femanic.com today just for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy yourselves and we’ll be seeing you once again in the following weeks with more fresh content. Until then guys check out the http://dirtygardengirl.us/ site and see other hotties sucking cocks!

femanic-cathy-and-manuela femanic-cathy-and-manuela-2

See these horny lesbians pleasing each other’s pussy!

Lesbians pissing on each other

You are going to see these two sluts pissing on each other, right under your eyes. The following scenes will totally blow your mind and make you all hard, since you are such a pee fan. You are going to adore seeing these two hot babes making out, kissing each other and stuffing their hands all over their bodies, even on their most private parts. You are going to see them even peeing on each other, while they will open their mouths widely. See these two chicks dominating and be dominated, having the most incredible time ever.

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 See these lesbians tasting each other’s golden showers!

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