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Femanic Video – Lesbian pissing

Well we hinted that we’d bring you a femanic video and here it is. We hope that this one becomes the first of many to come where you can see these superb ebauties having their sexual fun in full motion for a change. Today’s video clip has a woman that has a mistress with a rather peculiar passion. And that’s to mark her territory. And since she’s her sex slave you can pretty much guess that she’s getting pissed on to be marked as the property of the dominant woman. Let’s see these two have fun in this video today.

As the femanic galleries scene starts the mistress sits on her chair as her little slut comes to her and kneels down before her. She’s obediently awaiting her master to unleash her torrent of liquid all over her face and after teasing her a bit she does so. But she wasn’t done yet. Keep on watching as she continues to masturbate as well since she also wants to give her a sample of her love juices. So when the mistress cums her sex slave gets a second dose of warm liquid blasting her cute face. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay guys. Come back next week for another video! For similar videos, enter the HD Wetting site and see some kinky babes wetting their panties and jeans!

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