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Femanic – Pissing Video

Another fresh week yet again and we return with one more fresh femanic video for you to see. In this nice video today we have another group of women engaging in some hot lesbian sessions as well as their lavishing in their passion for urine and spit. The group is formed of three hot ladies and all of them know exactly what the others want, that being one of the reasons for them organizing these little get-togethers every now and them to enjoy and give in to their naughty side satisfying their lust. Let’s watch them going at it tonight guys.

As this scene starts the three of them meet up at one of their houses and for secrecy’s sake we won’t tell you who’s house it was. They start off just like you would have your typical lesbian session with passionate kissing and caressing of one another’s bodies. But then things take the turn that you’d expect and all of them start pissing on one another and spitting. They sure love themselves a nice little chaotic session like this. Well whatever the case, we still hope you enjoyed your time here and we’ll be expecting you next week once again for more!

Check out these sluts pissing and spitting on each other!

Femanic Video – Lesbian pissing

Well we hinted that we’d bring you a femanic video and here it is. We hope that this one becomes the first of many to come where you can see these superb ebauties having their sexual fun in full motion for a change. Today’s video clip has a woman that has a mistress with a rather peculiar passion. And that’s to mark her territory. And since she’s her sex slave you can pretty much guess that she’s getting pissed on to be marked as the property of the dominant woman. Let’s see these two have fun in this video today.

As the femanic galleries scene starts the mistress sits on her chair as her little slut comes to her and kneels down before her. She’s obediently awaiting her master to unleash her torrent of liquid all over her face and after teasing her a bit she does so. But she wasn’t done yet. Keep on watching as she continues to masturbate as well since she also wants to give her a sample of her love juices. So when the mistress cums her sex slave gets a second dose of warm liquid blasting her cute face. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay guys. Come back next week for another video! For similar videos, enter the HD Wetting site and see some kinky babes wetting their panties and jeans!

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Femanic – Vicky Solo Scene

Well Vicky makes a return today but this time she’s all alone. But don’t worry, this femanic lady knows how to keep herself entertained even if there’s no one else there to have fun with her. Tonight she came back from a party , hence the glamorous little skirt that she was swearing. But this naughty and dirty minded woman felt the need for something more and so this little solo scene of hers came to be where she’d be getting all naked and wild all by herself just for your entertainment tonight. Without further delays let’s see what she has in store.

To be honest she also always wanted to star by herself in one of our femanic galleries to show just how crazy and hot she can truly get. Well she had to ask no more as she got her wish. She sits on her black leather chair and just starts to finger fuck her horny pussy fast and hard while moaning in pleasure. Watch her as she continues to finger herself until she orgasms and cums repeatedly squirting all over her hot body. We hope you enjoy this scene of her giving herself some self squirting showers for your viewing pleasure. See you next week as always! Until then, enter the sicflics site if you wanna see other beauties peeing!


Check out slutty Vicky getting wet and wild!

Vicky and Rose

Today the femanic crew brings you one more sizzling hot update with two very crazy women. The two dirty little sluts in question are named Vicky and Rose and they both share a unbearable desire for being pissed on. Watch as the two lusty beauties put on display their passion for piss in this amazingly hot gallery of them. They don’t want to hold back one bit today and they want to show off every little twisted thing that they like to do. So without further due, let’s all sit back and watch these femanic galleries , and see them enjoying themselves as well.
femanic-vicky-and-rosieAs the scene starts, well actually as al of our scenes start, the sexy pair of women start off their little lesbian fuck fest with some kissing and nice and sensual body caresses to get ready. And they seemed to be getting turned on quite fast as they immediately start to assume their positions. As the good little slut that she is Rose sits herself down first, in order for Vicky to piss all over her, and well that’s because she always wants to be the first to get “wet” sort of speak. Anyway enjoy the update as always guys and expect us to return with more next week! For similar peeing fetish videos and pics, enter the hdwetting site! have fun and see you next time, our beloved friends and followers!

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Femanic – Sasha and Liza

Urine is another main feature for today’s femanic update. In this week’s scene we bring you yet another pair of hotties having their pissing fun. Well the two teens did change the scenery a bit. As they both were feeling the need to do an outdoor shoot. But since both of them work at a farm they can’t really go by unnoticed for two long. And the only place where they can always practice their dirty little passions is between the haystacks. And that’s exactly where they went today once again to satisfy their lust. Sit back and watch them go at it in these femanic galleries today.

So as we were saying, the two watched for the moment when they could get off their chores without being observed by anyone and went to their little secret space where they’d get to have their fun. It doesn’t take them long to start things off, so watch as they start to piss on one another, as this makes them really horny, and them watch them have some hot girl on girl sex right then and there. Suffice to say that they needed to be quick after they were done so as that no one could figure out that they were missing and go back to their respective posts. Until next time visit the Milk Enema blog and enjoy watching some similar galleries! See you soon!


Watch here these horny babes pissing on each other!

Lesbian Piss Bath

Another fresh week and time for another femanic update. This special week we have for you yet another pair of women getting it on. The main star of the scene however is Madelyn and her lust and passion for being pissed on. Well not to worry as her best friend is here to help her out with her dirty little passion. Be sure you’ll get to se the slutty woman all covered in piss just like in wetandpuffy.org galleries. We’d also like to interject shortly here and tell you that we’ll have some videos up as well. But we digress so let’s get back to the story shall we, you just have to see these femanic pics today.


Today Madelyn felt another one of her urges for getting pissed on coming on as well as her pussy being in need of some pleasing. So she picked up the phone and called one of her buddies that was to help her with her little need today. She quickly made her way to her place and once there the two didn’t waste any time. They got naked and started to kiss until Madelyn made her request and demanded for her friend to piss of her. Watch the two have their fun in this afternoon and enjoy yourselves guys. See you next week with another update

Check out slutty Madelyn taking a piss bath!

Femanic – Pissing and Spitting

Again we go back to our old femanic ways and bring you a whole group of women for today. And the key word for their afternoon fuck fest is saliva, oh and also pissing. Those two things being the only things that connect them. Otherwise you wouldn’t think of them being aquainted. The group of the four superbly sexy women always find a free day in the whole week when each and every one of them has some spare time. And them they all meet and one of their houses by rotation every time to do their dirty scenes. Let’s watch them go at it for today.

The scene at femanic.com starts with them getting all naked as they show off their hot bodies. Then the four little sluts start kissing and massaging one another’s eager bodies. Then the things start to let loose as the horny women then take turns to piss on one another as well as using that saliva that we were telling you about. Watch the whole urine and spit party today guys and enjoy yourselves. These women sure know how to give one hot blowout and be happy that you get to see what they like to do in private. See you next week once again with more!


See these slutty babes pissing and spitting on each other!

Jolanda and Her Red Dildo

Today’s femanic update is a bit special. We don’t have a pair of ladies to show off but we do have Jolanda. And Jolanda here is quite the special little blonde hottie. This woman has an insatiable thirst for any kind of sex as long as she gets to please her pussy. You can pretty much say that this slutty blonde with curly hair is truly addicted to sex and she always goes out of her way to please herself. Today she’s having her solo scene at our site and you get to see every dirty detail about her passion. So let’s not waste any more time and see what she has to offer.


She’s gotten  her trusty red dildo out and she plans to show off today for your viewing pleasure. Let’s sit back and watch her. She undresses from her sexy clothes to reveal one perky and hot body that paired with her cute face just make the perfect woman. Watch her taking her seat on the big brown leathered chair as she starts her little session. Head on over to femanic.com and watch her as she pleases her pussy with her favorite toy today just for you. You’ll be in for quite the extreme self satisfaction session with her today guys! Check out the http://dirtygardengirl.org/ site if you wanna see other beauties stuffing their pussies!

Watch here this slutty blonde getting wet and wild!

Femanic – Gita and Cynthia

Gitta and Cynthia are a very horny pair of sluts and they’re today’s poster ladies for the femanic update that we bring you. Not much can be said on them, they’re your usual lesbian couple that enjoy spending their free time having sex and pleasing one another’s pussies except one thing. These two slutty ladies have a thing for urine and no sex session is successful for them unless it ends with them pissing all over one another. Well you don’t have to take our word for it don’t worry. You’ll get to see exactly what they do in this awesome update today.

So head on over to femanic.com and watch their little urine party, as they put on quite the show. And even today’s session stated just as normal. They got all dressed in their slutty outfits and they started to kiss passionately as the cameras were rolling. Then they massaged one another’s hot bodies until they’d get turned on enough and their pussies would be begging for some attention just like in fullyclothedpissing.org website. You can then see them pleasing one another’s cunts, and like we said, for a great finish you can see them pissing on each other. Enjoy everyone and see you next week!


Watch here these naughty babes pissing on each other!

Farrah and Honey

Hey there once again everyone, femanic returns again today with another pair of hot women enjoying some private fun together just for you. Their names are Farrah and Honey and they seem to have been involved in a little accident with their food this afternoon. Suffice to say that the food itself ended up being all over the place. The horny femanic women were at the grocery store shopping for food and they got all kinds of stuff. But little did they expect it would all go to waste after they’d arrive home. Let’s see what exactly happened between them to cause such a mess. femanic-farrah-and-honey

As they entered the door once they had returned Farrah seemed to be getting really horny again and Honey observed this. But she quickly dismissed it as just being her over reactive imagination, and the to ladies sat down at the kitchen table to enjoy their evening dinner. Well it all started when Farrah dropped some yoghurt on her shirt and Honey came to her and licked it off. Since then they spend a good while having hot lesbian sex while they were pouring food all over one another. Be sure to check back again next week guys, we’ll being you some more of the same stuff!

Check out these babes playing with their food!

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